Our Philosophy


How Does One Live a Life in Tune?

Peerman Capital Management believes it is important to focus on you as a single client, to engage personally with you to address your needs, and to give back to the community.

Focus on each client

Our client list is small, which gives our two-person team time to focus on each client, answer your questions, research, analyze, and communicate. To help us understand how you prefer to communicate, we ask that you take the Communication DNA survey before our first meeting.

Engage personally

Many of our clients come to us as referrals, so we have built-in history with them. But regardless of whether we know your history or not, we meet new clients one-on-one to talk about achieving the goals that bring your life into tune.

What is wealth?

Many people measure wealth as the accumulation of financial assets. At Peerman Capital Management, we would like to reframe that thinking. We believe that a life measured by how we live and how we relate to each other is a more accurate measure of wealth. The financial assets that we accumulate are important because they provide capital "energy" to assist us in living a life in tune with what is most important to us.

Begin the tune

We don't expect you to speak financial management. We would like you to speak your mind about what you want. Begin assessing your own life and life wishes. When we meet, we can find the financial harmony.